Who is eligible?

Who is eligible?
The Holiday Participation Centre supports people who are not able to go on holiday or on a day trip because of financial or other specific problems: people on a low income, people with preferential reimbursement,...
People who are supported by a member organisation of the Holiday Participation Centre, may apply for a Holiday via this organisation.
People who are not supported by a member organisation may directly apply for a holiday or day trip to the Holiday Participation Centre. In this case, the Holiday Participation Centre needs a proof of income:
-           a tax demand and an attestation of family composition
-           an attestation of debt mediation
-           a proof of preferential reimbursement 
Poverty line
The income is compared to the poverty line. All after tax earnings (salary, allowance, pension, child benefit, revenues of rent) per year or month are taken into account.
 One family means: one or more people who are officially domiciled at the same address (whether or not there is a family connection).

Only people who are domiciled in Flanders or Brussels are eligible! 

Family consists of: Poverty line *
(based on monthly earnings)
Single person € 1000
2 family members older than 14 years € 1.500
2 family members older than 14 years + 1 child (-14 years) € 1.800
2 family members older than 14 years + 2 children (-14 years) € 2.100
2 family members older than 14 years + extra person (+ 14 years) € 2.000
1 family member older than 14 years + 1 child (-14 years) € 1.300
1 family member older than 14 years + 2 children (-14 years) € 1.600
* Explanation:
-           For every family member older than 14 years: + add up € 500
-           For every child younger than 14 years: + add up € 300
Source: Centre on Inequality, Poverty, Social Exclusion and the City
(OASeS), University of Antwerp, calculation based on: European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions 2011 (EU-SILC)