Our target group are those people living in poverty. In order to prevent the abuse of social rates, we decided to work with membership for social organisations. Thus we protect the suppliers and make sure the rates end up with those for whom they are intended. Organisations that are a member of the Holiday Participation Centre can sign in on the website. They receive a username and password from the Holiday Participation Centre.

Once they are signed in, they have access to the complete offer. This means they have access to the social rates. When you are not signed in, you can see our offer without the rates.

People who wish to register directly for the offerings, and thus not via a member organisation, must provide proof of income. Here the European ‘poverty level’ is used as the standard. This relative poverty level is 60% of the national median equivalent income. Concretely, for a one-person household this corresponds to a net monthly income of €878. Each additional adult ‘household member’ is awarded half of this amount, children under 14 almost one third or €263. In the case of direct requests, no consideration is taken of the multi-complexity of poverty as a whole. A copy of a tax return or an OMNIO-status can account for income proof.
In addition to a income proof, the Centre also needs a certificate of family composition.

Each year, Tourism Flanders brings all partners together at the Holiday Participation Forum. Tourism providers, social organisations and holidaymakers exchange thoughts and get to know each other’s world. The new holiday guides are released on this day. Two holiday guides with lots of day trips and individual holidays are published. Together with the group holidays and the organised holidays, they also appear on this website. On top of that, promotions are communicated through an electronic newsletter.