The Holiday Participation Centre welcomes a visitor from Japan

On the 5th of August, the Holiday Participation Center welcomed Professor Tatsuya Oka from the Shumei University in Japan, where he teaches tourism and hospitality. Because of his research on social tourism, he visited Visit Flanders and the Holiday Participation Center.

Professor Oka and the team of the Holiday Participation Center discussed some cultural differences between Japan and Flanders. In Japan, there aren't any numbers that correctly reflect the amount of people that live in poverty. People in Japan are very much ashamed of living in poverty. Therefore, they rather be hungry than search for help.
Although shame also exist with Flemish people in poverty, it is accepted in our society and there are different social measures that try to help people in poverty.

In Flanders, a holiday is considered as a fundamental right. In Japan, however, many people do not dare to go on holiday, because they would be considered lazy by their boss.

Professor Tatsuya Oka was very interested and promised to talk about our ideas in Japan.