South-African interest in the concept of Holiday Participation

Marianne Schapmans from the Holiday Participation Centre went to the South-African Durban in September. She was invited as a guest-speaker at the congress Larasa (Leisure and Recreation of South Africa) that was held from the 14th until the 17th of September to tell more about the unique operation of the Holiday Participation Center.

The South-African organisation Larasa provides for a learning and development environment for professionals from the recreation sector. They encourage the development of different new strategies to reposition recreation and leisure. Marianne met the organisers of the congress before in China, during the World Leisure Awards. Until late at night, they exchanged information about their daily work. The operation of the Holiday Participation Centre was considered unique and the organisers wanted to promote it.

During the congress, Marianne talked about the power of the platform of cooperation and she answered the question about the way we can realise the right to go on holiday thanks to the efforts of very different sectors.

Presentation of the Holiday Participation Centre in Durban: http://www.vakantieparticipatie.be/page/download/type/5